De-icing and anti-icing

For safe take-off, it is not enough just to remove deposits from the critical surfaces of the aircraft; it is also necessary to prevent their subsequent occurrence until the moment of take-off.

If you only need to clear the plane of snow and ice, processing is carried out in one stage, it is called de-icing. If the conditions for icing persist (it is snowing or cold rain), the treatment is carried out in two stages, while the second stage ensures the protection of the aircraft against icing until the moment of take-off (anti-icing).

At the moment, the most modern equipment is used in the work, which significantly reduces the time to take the equipment to the line and even in the most difficult weather conditions, it allows uninterrupted anti-icing treatment of aircraft.

When receiving and issuing anti-icing fluids, the quality is checked by an accredited laboratory. This eliminates the use of non-compliant safety fluid.

Anti-icing treatment is carried out in accordance with international requirements — SAE, FAA.

You can order one or several services.