Do you need maximum confidence in the timely, safe implementation of ground procedures for servicing aircraft, passengers and baggage in accordance with current standards?

Then to you at
King Wing Company LLC.

King Wing Company LLC can organize service around the world for all types of aircraft, the range of services has been shaped by the demand of our customers and includes the following work:

  • acceptance of the aircraft on the place of parking;
  • aircraft towing;
  • unloading / unloading of baggage and load cargo aircraft;
  • maintenance of fuel / drain fuel process;
  • de-icing;
  • filling / draining water supply system;
  • treatment of reception tanks of bathrooms, special liquid system filling will be performed;
  • connection and management of ground sources of electric power supply, heating, air launch;
  • radiocommunication with the crew, ensuring the engine starting and driving-up from the parking place;
  • inside cleaning aircraft;
  • catering.

Вall services are available around the clock and seven days a week.

We are ready to offer support and solution of issues including:

  • crew assistance;
  • providing notam, meteo and other flight information;
  • meeting and boarding passengers, accommodation in a hotel;
  • aircraft safety;
  • vip security organization;
  • vip terminal.

You can order one or several services.