King Wing Company LLC provides maintenance services in full compliance with the EASA Part-145, Part-147, Part-M, Part-21 certificates.

The whole range of services consists of a combination of preventive and corrective work, including preventive work, to ensure flight safety.


  • scheduled maintenance and overhaul of aircraft (C- & D-checks);
  • major and minor aircraft modifications;
  • repair of structures and composites, anti-corrosion programs;
  • non-destructive testing, 6 different methods are used(PT, MT, ET, UT, RT, TT);
  • rearrangement, reconstruction of the aircraft, re-equipment of the aircraft cabin;
  • check, repair of the engine;
  • line maintenance;
  • engineering and technical planning.

We provide technical support throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the CIS. 

You can order one or several services.