Everyone at least once in his life fell into the airport building in the role of flying away or seeing off.

It would seem that a person flies on vacation and should already have tasted the beginning of a vacation or concentrate on the upcoming deal.

But, getting to the airport, we are waited for by fuss, passing of different procedures, which brings a certain imbalance to the human condition. And all this has a solution – the PRIORITY PASS service.

What was previously expected for you when you visit the airport will cancel all your ideas about the service at airports.

The PRIORITY PASS service will please you so much that you will want to return to us more than once, and this trip will be remembered for a lifetime.

The service includes:

  • autotransfer to the airport;
  • shipment of passengers from motor transport, transfer, registration and delivery to the baggage compartment;
  • waiting for the flight in comfortable lounges;
  • individual meeting or boarding of passengers on the plane, paperwork for transportation, check-in for the flight without a queue by highly qualified personnel with knowledge of foreign languages;
  • delivery of passengers and hand luggage to / from the aircraft by vehicles of increased comfort;
  • passage of passport and customs control without fuss.

What is important is this whole service at an affordable price for our customers.

 Fly with King Wing Company LLC and enjoy the flight!